Pro boat is definitely on the list of best RC boat under $300. It has the ability to reach the speed of 30 MPH. The optional accessories are a key feature and it comes with a brushless water-cooled motor. Unlike regular boats Pro Boat has a compatible radio system and has remarkable transmitter batteries.

This best RC boat under $300 comes with a terrific offset rudder system that gives outstanding stability; it also keeps the boat glued to the water. The waterproof steering servo is of an extremely high quality that helps in enhancing the performance. The internal electronics are all well-sealed and the drain plug is also pretty convenient. Shockwave needs to have LiPo battery either 2S or 3S to get it going, a battery charger is also required.

If you don’t want to compromise on the quality of your RC boat then this is the right option, being high-speed and tremendously efficient makes it desirable. The relentless features are the best things about this powerboat; all its characteristics are responsible for an impressive performance. 

The water-cooled motor is brushless and is equipped with LiPo ESC, which is fairly compatible. The water cutting power you are looking for is present in Pro Boat Shockwave. A good RC boat is all about perfection and precision. This boat never fails to impress with its startling turns. The size of the boat is just right and promises to give a tough competition to your friend’s boat.

  • Reaches high speeds
  • Amazing off-rudder system
  • Waterproof electronics
  • Impressive performance
  • The build quality is not great. It has misaligned and poorly glued parts.

 It is great for beginners and kids older than fourteen years old.

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