This beautiful monster truck is considered one of the best RC trucks under $400. Furthermore, the car is massively pre-glued and has an amazing engine of the 28th level. Most of the RC trucks do not have a good radio system however MadBeat’s RTR version comes with an efficient pistol remote control radio.

The RTR also has a high-end gear steering servo made of heavy duty metal. The aluminum shocks are extremely adjustable and durable. If you want to win a race competition then this ought to be your choice.


Being a level 28 engine monster truck it performs extraordinarily and shows great sturdiness. No doubt the speed is swift and the aluminum chassis gives a clean look. Unlike ordinary RC trucks RTR version gives a smooth and perfect landing. Plus it comes with a bigger and better fuel tank that has the capacity to hold 270cc.

You will be impressed with the MadBeast at first sight; its divine exterior design and sturdy interior are perfect. All the pieces of this truck are built with excellence from the front bumbper to the back bumper. The looks and protection of the car are enhanced by the use of aluminum muffler. Regular RC trucks are quite fragile but with MadBeast on your side you don’t have to worry about anything, the gear steering servo is made of premium metal.

Even the tires are the strongest and the rims are also hardened so you can enjoy the truck to the fullest extent. The Monster truck is suitable for every terrain, muddy, rough, rocky, and grassy. MadBeast has set new standards making it hard for other RC trucks to beat. The painted body looks quite attractive and the assembled chassis is worth the money. The radio system simply makes it the best RC truck under $400.


  • Extremely strong
  • High speed
  • Outstanding radio system
  • Both interior and exterior are tough
  • Fully assembled chassis


  • A bit tricky to use for beginners

Who is it for?

 This truck is appropriate for enthusiasts and pros.

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