There has been a lot of excitement about the release of the DJI Phantom 5 Drone, especially since early rumors suggested it would be released in Spring 2017. Instead, DJI released its Spark drone, leaving some to believe that DJI held off releasing the Phantom 5 until later in the year to ensure it meets the high quality that drone enthusiasts have come to expect from the Phantom line.

DJI has always been good at keeping its new projects a secret so everyone is speculating about what new features will be included in the Phantom 5 Drone and how it will be an improvement from the Phantom 4 Drone. Half Chrome Drones thinks the five most likely improvements will be a longer flight time, a longer range, a better camera, front, rear, and side cameras to help it avoid obstacles, and a faster launch (check out the entire review here). This is consistent with what most others also expect from the newest drone in the Phantom line.

Below is a summary of what we have been able to gather from various knowledgeable sources.

Phantom 5 Drone Rumors


The Phantom 5 will most likely be a quad-copter, meaning it has four propellers. The quad-copter design is not only more aesthetically pleasing, but it adds flexibility, increases the sensitivity of direction changes, and helps stabilize the drone during landing. The SD cards and Micro USB slot are located in the center of the drone to the left of each chassis. One of the best features of the new model is that the start-up noise is supposed to be much quieter.

The Phantom 5 should be more stable than its predecessors. There will be two IMUs and two compasses, allowing for greater flexibility and control. The IMUs will need to be calibrated the first time you use the drone, but the readable IMU status will make it easier for you to adjust this to get maximum performance. Maximum speed is estimated at 55 mph, while it will be able to ascend at a rate of six meters per 20 feet.

Most agree that the Phantom 5 dimensions will be approximately 16” X 8.6” X 12.6” and it will weigh about 8.5 pounds. The landing gear and rotary arms could be retractable. Its carry case is more durable and lighter in weight, making it easier to transport your drone. There will be two color options, black and white, both with a glossy finish.

The interesting thing is that rumors claim it will look like the Phantom 4, but will have an entirely different exterior and overall look. Sounds confusing, I know, but that’s what several sources are reporting.

Flight Time and Range:

One great feature of the Phantom 5 is that it will have a longer flight time than previous drones. Flight time is estimated to be between 33 to 35 minutes. Some sources have this at 40 minutes, which could be true if some of the rumors about a new improved battery are true (see battery discussion below).

Most sources expect the Phantom 5 to have a range of between 8 to 10 kilometers, while some, including Drones Globe, think it will most likely have the same 7 kilometer range as the Phantom 4.

Control range should be about 5 kilometers, allowing you the ability to operate the drone from longer distances without any issues.


Most think that the battery will be the standard 1.2 LiPo battery seen in previous models, but there are also rumors that DJI is investing in the development of a new battery that can last more than 33 minutes in the air. Dronethusiast reports rumors that the Phantom 5 will have a new 1.4 LiPo battery (see the full Dronethusiast review here), but I have not seen this claim from other reviews. While the battery may set a new bar for longer flight time, it will probably also take longer to charge. The Phantom 4 takes 1 hour to charge so be prepared to wait at least that long for the Phantom 5 to charge. Claims are that DJI will also be revealing a new redesigned charger with the Phantom 5.​

Flight Modes:

The Phantom 5 will be equipped with various flight modes, including Tap-To-Fly, take off from being thrown in the air, and Sports Mode, with all offering unique features for various situations. Tap-To-Fly is a great new mode where you just tap the controller two times and the drone takes off; everything else is handled by the drone automatically. The take off from being thrown in the air mode is just what it sounds like. You throw the drone in the air and it takes off. This is part of the gesture features DJI released with the Spark earlier this year so it is anticipated that it will also be included with the Phantom 5. The Sports Mode will give you a more authentic feel since all the controlling must be done manually. This will be a perfect mode for someone still learning to use all of the operations and functions for controlling the drone.​

Flight Controller:

DJI has built three different flight modes into the Phantom 5 controller and there are differences between the buttons and switches on this new controller and the ones on the Phantom 4 controller. The Flight Mode switch (the P button) controls all of the settings like waypoints, live tracking, tap to fly, and points of interest, and the Phantom 5 will be able to reach speeds of up to 22 mph in this mode. The Sports Mode switch (the S button) will allow for higher speeds without draining the battery as quickly as previous drones when used in Sports Mode. The Altitude switch (the A button) will be better able to maintain the correct altitude and will help keep all the manual controls functioning properly.​

Remote Control with LCD:​

The remote control feature will allow you to view and analyze the drone’s surroundings on the video feed. You will also be able to navigate and change between flight modes and control the drone’s speed.​

Obstacle Sensor:​

One amazing new feature is supposed to be the 360 degree obstacle sensor. There will be infrared sensors that can scan for obstacles within 16 feet of the drone, helping it to recognize obstacles and avoid crashing. This can be very useful when flying in Auto Pilot mode. Keep in mind that the sensors may not recognize small twigs and leaves when flying near trees. While contact with these types of objects is not damaging to the drone, it can make the drone hard to control if it comes in contact with these.​

Tracking System:​

The Tracking System is independent of the GPS system and is great for survellience. The Phantom 5 will be able to identify any object you choose and keep tracking the object as it moves. The Tracking System is completely silent. You can even use it to track yourself for fun. Keep in mind that this feature only works when the vision sensors are turned on. If the drone loses its target, it stops tracking and will hover in place.​


One of the most important features for a drone is the camera and DJI is known for including outstanding cameras on its drones. Some people claim the camera on the Phantom 5 will be nice upgrade from previous models. According to Drones with Cameras, “the Phantom 5 will have all the awesome flight modes the Phantom 4 professional has, just with some little improvements and additions.”

There will be front, rear, and side cameras for the 360 degree obstacle avoidance and improved 360 degree gimbals to help with stabilization for smoother image capturing, even at speeds of up to 50 mph. The camera will be a 4K quality and will allow high quality images to be live streamed to the controller. Rumor has it that the new camera will have a 20 to 22 MP lens, 4K resolutions framing at 30fps, and will be able to record full 4K quality videos.

Release Date and Price:​

When will the DJI Phantom 5 Drone be released and how much will it cost? Everyone expects that there will be a high price on the Phantom 5, anywhere from US $1,600.00 to US $2300.00. Most sources expect the Phantom 5 to be released in time for the 2017 Christmas holiday season. This seems likely as DJI wouldn’t want to miss out on all of the holiday shopping revenue. claims to have seen a prototype of the Phantom 5 being tested during a visit to mainland China and reports that the release date will be September 15, 2017.

While some of what we have reported above is still rumor and speculation, there is consensus among most reliable sources that these are the features and specifications that will most likely be included on DJI Phantom 5.

This YouTube video by Drone Valley gives a very good overview of what drone enthusiasts want to see in the Phantom 5 and what is expected in the Phantom 5.

DJI is one of the premier drone makers and there is no doubt that the Phantom 5 will deliver new and innovative technologies, making it a much sought-after product for drone enthusiasts.

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